Sigma PSS is a member of the Guild of Master craftsmen. The Guild has an enviable reputation, earned over many years, for representing quality, craftsmanship, and customer service. Sigma PSS continually strives to support the reputation of the Guild by providing high quality installations & demonstrable quality of service coupled with skillful fasttrack multiple implementation.




Sigma installs many types of ATMs including machines manufactured by

  • Wincor
  • NCR
  • Triton


Installation is usually

  • Thru walls (TTW)
  • Thru glass
  • In secure and shared rooms & remote purpose built (G2 ) secure rooms
  • Freestanding ATM,s


ATM Removal and Swapouts include

  • Mangaing de-cashes
  • Managing disarming alarm systems
  • Disengaging & securing ink security systems
  • Extracting confidential & historical data
  • Product inventory entries & reporting
  • Building works and making good
  • Logistics


Fast Track installation

With a highly skillful UK network of trained installation teams, Sigma can operate a fast-track ATM implementation programme along with associated POS, local branding and illuminated sign installations. Sigma's current resource is able to meet the heaviest installation demands.


Multi-disiplined installation teams

Each installation team is managed by a site foreman who will remain responsible for the complete on site installation working closely with internal and external project managers. Most installations teams are multi disiplined enabling building services, shopfitting and joinery and electrical services to be implemented simultaneously.


Awareness & Screening

Our installation teams wear Sigma PSS branded work-wear, each team member carries a security identification card and passports for eligibility to work on Petrol filling station forecourts.

All site operatives are subject to rigorous independent security screening prior to employ.


Contact us

For installation case studies, to make an enquiry, or to find out about our European Partners and associated installations in Mainland Europe contact Adam Tisdale on 0121 3131313 or 07917166521 or contact us by e-mail