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Secure Rooms

Sigma can provide a range of construction options for internal secure rooms.

A relatively simple but highly effective secure room can be contructed from 'ply mesh ply' walls and ceilings with or without internal anti ballistic linings and depending on location, site conditions, and manning, a multi point locking high security metal doors.

Rooms are always secured with centrally monitored alarm systems and more occasionally CCTV


Specification includes

  • 240d Spyholes
  • Strip and emergency lighting
  • ATM isolator
  • Independent electrical feed
  • Communication, Redcare and alarm system courtesy panel
  • Mulitple plug board

External decoration usually comprises of blending the room with the existing decoration by matching finshes to the same, alternatively Sigma can apply extremely durable decorative films such as Dinoc to create real timber effects or other, each film comes with a 10 year warranty.


Numerous installations have been completed at

  • National mulitple Hotels
  • Motorway service areas
  • Petrol filling stations,
  • Multiple retailers
  • Independent retailers
  • Supermarkets


Brick built and prefabricated secure rooms

Where internal space is scarce Sigma provide a bespoke purpose built solution matching existing architecture to enable a aesthetically pleasing and intergrated style

Many petrol filling stations have received new brick built secure rooms with associated security items incorporated..where it is not possible to build onto the existing building or there is a need for a remote ATM location Sigma can provide a G2 pre fabricated secure room.


G2 remote secure rooms

The remote secure room is ideal for

  • Shopping Centres
  • Leisure parks
  • Garage forecourts
  • Car parks
  • City centre through fares
  • Event halls
  • Entertainment venues

plus many many other locations!


The secure room can be finished to blend in with the surroundings and/or signed with brand advertising along with products and services available and can carry chargeable third party advertising.


Ballistic proof with G2 certification the secure room is always alarmed and protected by anti ram raid bollards, is ventilated and heated to provide optimum operating tempuratures and can be fully installed within a 48 hr time frame.


For more information about secure rooms contact technical sales on 0121 313 1313 or e mail us at